DAB Euroswim 75 M

$995.00 inc. VAT

“his swimming pool pump is suitable for swimming pools with a capacity of up to 84.000 litres

The DAB Euroswim swimming pool pump is a complete solution for your swimming pool. The pump is highly reliable in terms of water circulation and filtering. Intended for both private and residential pools. Thanks to the pump’s high efficiency, it can easily fill your swimming pool or pond. Moreover, this pump is also extremely silent. The Euroswim series is available in three versions. Depending on your required capacity, you may choose between:

The Euroswim 75 M is a pump suited for pumping up to 21,000 litres of water per hour and has a maximum head rate of 13.8 metres. As a result, this pump is suited for medium-sized swimming pools. Specifically suited for aggressive water with a high chlorine/bromine and PH content or water treated with salt electrolysis or chlorine.”

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