Nova Pump 600

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DAB’s Nova 6000 submersible pumps are designed for draining residential buildings, including rainwater applications. Celebrating four decades in the market, these pumps have undergone a redesign to enhance their reliability, durability, and user-friendliness. Suitable for both fixed and portable installations, the Nova 6000 pumps come in automatic versions with integrated float switches or manual versions without floats. They are versatile, capable of emptying tanks or cisterns.

These pumps are ideal for various applications, such as draining flooded basements, cellars, and garages, as well as preventing flooding when installed in rainwater collector wells. In emergency situations, they can serve as portable pumps to remove water from flooded areas. Constructed with a technopolymer body, impeller, and suction grille, and a stainless steel motor shaft, these pumps offer robust performance. They feature thermal protection in all single-phase versions and can operate in dry run conditions for up to a minute. With a 10 mm free passage, they comply with the European standard EN 60335-2-41.

For external use, a mandatory 10-meter power cable ensures compliance with safety regulations. Overall, the Nova 6000 pumps by DAB provide a reliable and efficient solution for residential drainage needs.

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