WELDarc® Blue E6013 General Purpose Electrodes

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Working directly with overseas manufacturers, We has Fine Tuned this general purpose electrode specifically for New Zealand conditions. Its unique chemical composition and “Blue Flux Coating” provide optimum performance across all mild steel welding applications refining Arc performance of proven, past electrodes.

E6013 is a general purpose electrode with excellent welding properties in all positions, including vertical down. Suitable for joint welding and repair welding on mild steel in all applications of the metal-working industry. This electrode is characterised by good bridge-ability, easy ignition and re ignition and low spatter. The result is a smooth, finely rippled seam surface and easy slag removal, even on slightly rusty, primed, galvanised base materials and wrought iron.

Features and Benefits:
Specially coated for low spatter
All-positional electrode
Easy ignition
Smooth, finely rippled seam surface
Easy slag removal

Typical Applications:
Across all applications for mild steel

Current Range AC/DC (+):

Typical Wire Chemistry (as welded):

AS/NZS 4855-B – E43 13 A
ISO 2560-A-E38 0 R 12
AWS: A5.1 E6013

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